Your Easter Journey


Getting Rid Of Old Clothes -  3/19/2023  Nathan Malone

This writer uses the image of changing the clothes we wear to talk about the new life we are promised through Christ. Even as we get new clothes (ways), we often want to hang on to the old clothes (ways).


Spirit Time -  3/12/2023  Nathan Malone

In order to learn anything new, you have to spend time with an instructor, or somehow study or practice it. In order for God to create a new life for you, you have to spend time with this Spirit and seek a new life.


Leaving Behind And Holding On -  3/5/2023  Nathan Malone

These first disciples Jesus called left behind their former life to learn a new life with him, but they probably also carried with them what would help in the new life.


Testing Time -  2/26/2023  Nathan Malone

As Jesus prepares to begin his ministry, he faces a time of testing. We all face times of testing when we have to choose how we will live our life.

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