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Core Four Summer Reads



Acts: God Still Creates And Guides - 7/14/2024 Nathan Malone

The follow-up book to the Gospel of Luke tells of the continuing activity of the Holy Spirit in the early days of the Church. Lessons found here for being the people of Christ are still very relevant to our life together today.



Luke: God For The Least - 7/7/2024 Nathan Malone

As Luke tells the story of Jesus, he focuses on a God who has an affinity for the poor, the outcast and least among us. Life lessons for the people of Christ are found throughout its pages.



Exodus: God Rescues, God Guides - 6/30/2024 Nathan Malone

This book focuses on the event around which much of the Old Testament is written. It is full of lessons for life for God’s people.



Genesis: God Of Creation - 6/23/2024 Nathan Malone

The first book of the Bible tells of the beginning of Creation and the beginning of God’s people. There are also many lessons for life found there.




A Big Mission - 6/16/2024 Nathan Malone

Jesus gives his first disciples their mission, then two angels suggest they get going! We are reminded that we still have work to do to serve that mission.



A Big Challenge And A Big Opportunity - 6/9/2024 Nathan Malone

Christians in the early Church had some major differences about what it took to become a Christian. But they allowed Holy Spirit to guide them to face that challenge. The Spirit is still willing and able to guide us in our challenges.



A Big God - 6/2/2024 Nathan Malone

The Psalmist marveled at the majesty of God. This sermon will explore the vastness of God in several areas.



A Big Table - 5/26/2024 Nathan Malone

Jesus had people with different perspectives around his table. For a church to represent this same Jesus, it will also welcome and engage with people who differ.

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