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Good News! There’s More!



You’re Invited! -  9/24/2023  Nathan Malone

“The Gospel (Good News) According To Luke” says this good news is primarily for those who need it most, especially for outsiders. If you think you’re out, God invites you in!



You Can Bless Somebody Today! -  9/17/2023  Nathan Malone

“The Gospel (Good News) According To Mark” focuses on the sense of urgency that comes with following Jesus Christ. The time to share this good news is always right now!



Good News! There’s More! -  9/10/2023  Nathan Malone

“The Gospel (Good News) According To Matthew” emphasizes that Jesus invites us to take our relationship with God and with people to a whole new level. And it ends with the best promise of all!

God’s Foolishness And Weakness



God’s Foolishness And Weakness -  9/3/2023  Nathan Malone

Several events in the Bible show God acting in ways that seemed foolish and weak according to the ways of this world, culminating in Jesus’ death on the cross.  However, the script is always flipped to show God’s wisdom and power.

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