Jesus: The Great Storyteller


Everybody Is Dirt In This Story -  9/25/2022  Nathan Malone

This story about a farmer sowing seed invites each person to consider this question: “Which kind of soil are you?”


The Father Who Loved Both Sons -  9/18/2022  Nathan Malone

Usually titled “The Prodigal Son” this story focuses on a father who loved both of his sons, reminding us of a God who loves and welcomes everyone.

Pray Together


Pray Together -  9/11/2022  Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett

Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett gives oversight and guidance to the ministries of our churches and pastors in the Holston and North Alabama Conferences. Her message this day will focus on a core Christian practice for us, both as individuals and as a people united in ministry: prayer.

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