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CUMC and the United Methodist Church

What happened at the General Conference 2024?

Some changes were made to the Book of Discipline and the Social Principles in May 2024 at the international meeting of the United Methodist Church that happens every 4 years.  Our church is grappling with some of the changes and how our church will operate in relation to some important matters.  Our church is composed of members with wide ranging viewpoints on many of the changes made at the General Conference.

For more information on the 2024 General Conference Debriefing click here

How is Christ Church not changing?

Our ministers, teachers and mission groups are continuing on as before General Conference.  We are still welcoming everyone into our church from all walks of life.  We pride ourselves on being a place of shelter and love for all in our communities. Please listen to Pastor Nathan’s June 9th sermon on this subject. We have many classes and support groups still teaching and ministering to our members and our community.   Our curriculums for our young people and children are carefully selected for their rich Christian teachings and are always being reviewed by our excellent staff at the church.  We will faithfully continue our work to further the work of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.   

How do the decisions made at the General Conference change the mission and ministry of my local church?

Our commitment to who God has called us to be here at Christ United Methodist Church does not change. Our mission remains “Learning to live the way of Jesus Christ and inviting all to follow him.” 

At our local church, our leadership and members will continue to chart the course of our ministry and our church mission, just as is currently the case. 

What does our church have to do now to accommodate the decisions made at the General Conference? 

The recent decisions of the General Conference do not require action from anyone. However, the decisions do leave space for change to occur if that is the desire of your congregation.  We have created a discernment team to carefully and prayerfully evaluate our options moving forward.  

Since we did not have a policy in place after the changes at the General Conference we elected through a vote of the Trustees and affirmed by the Church Council to continue the previous policy of not allowing same sex weddings on our campus at this time.  

Can my church still disassociate from the United Methodist Church based on the decisions made at the General Conference?

A letter was sent out on June 28th from our Holston Conference with information on the potential dissociation process: (Click here to read)


Our Church created a discernment team- what is their role and who is on it? 

A discernment team was created to evaluate our options as a church after the 2024 General Conference.  Approximately 25% of the United Methodist Churches disaffiliated during 2022-2023. Most large churches in the state of Tennessee chose not to disaffiliate at that time.   We made a decision, voted on by the church council, to wait till after the changes were decided this past May to evaluate our options. A discernment team will not have authority to make decisions for the church but will be a recommending body to the church council. The team has met twice and has reviewed the almost 300 survey responses submitted to the church.  An update will be released after each meeting.  Updates can be found on our website.  Or you can sign up for emails from the Discernment Team here.

-          The team was put together by the nominating committee and approved by Church Council, and an attempt was made to represent different leaders and points of views on the committee. 

-          The team has reviewed the survey responses and will be charting a path forward over the next 2-6 months.

-          This team is not committed to either pathway of disassociation or staying United Methodist.  Its task is to listen to our congregants and evaluate information as we receive it from the Holston Conference. 

The committee is composed of the following people: Nathan Malone, Ashlie Henderson, David Hall, Becky Hall, Andy Martin, Rick Eason, Lisa Felker, Mark Kapperman, Oscar Parks, Cathy Baker, Adrianne Cowan, Ansley Pearson, Brian Dantzler, Eric Duree, Nozi Madida, Stephen Overall, Michael Brown, Lori Heath

Christ Church leadership is committed to answering questions. Please read this Frequently Asked Questions document for more information.  This document will be regularly updated.

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