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Join Christ Church

Who Are We Classes

These classes are not required for church membership, but they are very informative and helpful.  They are held every two or three months on Sunday mornings with a choice of times -- 8:30 or 10:00.  The classes have three sessions covering a tour of our facilities, a bit of our story, a discussion of major United Methodist beliefs, and information about our plans for the future.  Look for bulletin and web announcements of the next class. 

Taking the Step of Joining

Persons desiring to join the church are encouraged to contact Pastor David Hall at 423-240-0069 or by e-mail at . David will answer any questions you may have and will talk with you about the process of joining.

Persons new to the faith join the United Methodist Church on profession of faith in Jesus Christ and are baptized if they have not already been baptized. Persons who are members of another church or denomination join on “transfer of membership.” The United Methodist Church does not re-baptize persons who transfer their membership.

You have probably seen us baptize infants and children. In the United Methodist Church, this is truly baptism – the sacrament of initiation into the church. When children are old enough to make their own decision of faith, we help them to claim their baptism and profess their faith in Christ. As part of that important step, we offer Confirmation classes for students who are in the sixth grade and older.

Church membership is an important part of being connected with others and with Christ. In joining the church as baptized Christians, we promise to uphold it with our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. Again, give David a call and discuss this with him.  

8645 E. Brainerd Rd. Chattanooga, TN 37421 
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