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The curriculum for our program is activity based using the state mandated program, Creative Curriculum and the Tennessee Early Childhood Early Learning Development Standards. Opportunities are provided for observation and hands-on experiences. Children learn by doing and by exploring the environment using all the senses. It is a child-centered program directed toward encouraging children to become independent learners and to project the feeling that learning is fun.

In school, a child is always learning and developing. Each day brings opportunities to play, investigate, and explain ideas through:

  • (A)   Group Experience – Planning, working, and playing in an organized experience so that desirable habits, attitudes, independence, and responsibility are established.
  • (B)   Creative Experience – Self-expression through the use of paints, clay, crayons, manual tools, and other materials.
  • (C)   Language Experience – Enjoying books, stories, verse, conversation, and dramatization.  
  • (D)   Math Experience – Experiences with sizes, shapes, colors, likenesses, differences and so much more. 
  • (E)   Social Relationships – Experiences with social interactions, sharing, building friendships and a lot more. 
  • (F)   Science – Based on nature study.  Making observations and drawing conclusions about the change in temperature, seasons, environment, animals, people etc. Measuring, comparing, or sorting using science materials. Sand and water experimentation daily. 
  • (G)   Music Experiences – Responding rhythmically to songs, singing, dancing and listening to music.  Music classes are held weekly. 
  • (H)   Health and Safety – Learning healthy food habits and acquiring an intelligent understanding of safety rules inside and outside.
  • (I)     Physical Experiences – Outdoor/indoor play and exercise. PE classes are held weekly, but children will exercise daily.
  • (J)    Religious Development - Chapel will be held once a week and includes Bible stories.

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